High-tech gathering! Xugong fire Yangtze River Delta emergency exhibition

The exhibition also unveiled the industry's largest flow, the highest level of intelligence of 5000m³/h vertical water supply and drainage emergency vehicle GP50C, "Twin God will" child and mother of large flow drainage emergency vehicle PS50F, the world's fastest crawler bulldozer XTV16J type rubber crawler bulldozer, as well as the industry's first 15 meters high fire extinguishing robot.

Disaster prevention, relief and mitigation. In response to the strategic requirements of "full disaster, great emergency", Xugong continues to increase the layout and R&D investment of emergency rescue products, and continues to dig deep in the fields of high mobility, high intelligence, and multi-function, providing Xugong solutions for the global emergency rescue industry and helping the high-quality development of China's emergency industry to a new level.

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