Are you the source manufacturer?
Yes, we have independent research and development capabilities, a complete industrial layout, our products have been promoted to all corners of the world.
What kind of company are you?
We are a commercial lighting provider, based on the premise of users, quality, technology oriented lighting technology company. Specializing in commercial store lighting, shopping mall counter lighting, clothing chain lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, LED landscape lighting and other produc
Are your products reliable?
We uphold the unique goal, keep the promise of the concept, committed to high quality commercial lighting products research and development and production. With world-class LED lighting companies OSRAM, Philips, CREE as partners, and has its own management system certification, to provide the world
What is your customization process?
If you provide us with our needs, I will quote and make samples according to your needs. If the samples are suitable, we will make mass production and deliver the goods according to your requirements.
Can you make molds according to the requirements?
Yes, we can customize the mold according to your requirements, and mass produce lighting products.
What are your terms of payment?
Generally, we need to charge 30%-50% deposit, arrange production, and pay 100% of the payment before shipment.
How long is your product guaranteed?
In order to protect the interests of both parties, we generally guarantee products for two years, if necessary, you can customize the product warranty for 3-5 years as required. The actual use time is generally higher than the warranty period, we do not do limit product quality.
Where is your factory?
We are in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. We are looking forward to your visit!
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